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Primary Care & Naturopathic Medical ServicesTree of Life Logo

  • Anxiety and Depression – lasting relief available
  • Allergies – natural and effective
  • Insomnia – natural, lasting treatment of underlying causes
  • Headaches – immediate and long-term treatments available
  • Autoimmune Conditions – from arthritis to fibromyalgia
  • Detoxification – from addiction recovery to general cleansing
  • Menopause & Andropause
  • Natural Hormone Therapy – sub-dermal hormone pellets available
  • Natural Cancer Treatment – comprehensive, holistic, effective, supportive, integrative
  • Nutrition Analysis & Counseling – licensed nutritionist and naturopathic physician on staff
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, Autism – solutions available
  • Therapeutic Manipulation
  • Minor Surgery – from mole removal to in-grown toenails
  • Homeopathy and Botanical (herbal) medicine
  • Sports Performance
  • Anti–Aging Medicine


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We provide the services you need for healthy living!

keeping in mind your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

To reach our ongoing goal of fulfilling all of your health needs, we carefully and continuously formulate and improve our menu of services.

With a broad and extensive range of experience, including a deep knowledge of natural treatments, we have identified industry-leading practices and medications to meet our mission of helping you toward the healthiest life possible.

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