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Naturopathic Medical Doctors are general practitioners trained as specialists in natural and alternative medicine.

They must graduate from an accredited four-year medical school where they are educated and trained in conventional medical and clinical sciences as well as a vast range of natural and traditional therapeutic modalities.

Naturopathic Medical Doctors collaborate with all other fields of medicine, referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment as appropriate.

In practice, Naturopathic Medical Doctors perform physical examinations, laboratory testing, gynecological exams, nutritional & dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, allergy testing, x-ray examinations, and other diagnostic tests.

They are the only primary care physicians clinically trained in the use of a variety of natural therapeutics, allowing them to draw from the insight of modern medical science as well as the wisdom and simplicity of nature, and ancient time-proven healing disciplines.

They combine and tailor these treatments to the needs of each person in a philosophy that acknowledges the patient as a participant in the healing process.

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